LIT new songs ya need to hear

Ok so ignore this if ya don’t like music (shame on you tho). LETS TALK ABOUT SOME LIT SONGS THAT HAVE JUST DROPPED👏🏼 i know i’m irrelevant and no one knows me but reply with some good new songs that have come out or even just some of your favourites because i really wanna listen to them. here’s some of my suggestions

  • When the party’s over: Billie Eilish
  • Vertigo: Khalid
  • Why’z it so hard: Brent Faiyaz
    (the next few aren’t super recent but whatever)
  • Session 32: Summer Walker
  • Stop trynna be God: Travis Scott
  • Know myself: Justine Skye
  • Crew: Goldlink
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Sunflower by post Malone and swae lee

but what do you think about some OG’s?
I think it’s so cool to listen to older songs. There might come up some memories or emotions from the past…

Tbh I just wrote that, cause I don’t really know any new songs rn lmao

but Hey, I’m bored, so yea…

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Just answer if you want to. would be cool.

amazing i’ve gotta add that to my list to listen to. and if we’re talking about posty’s OG songs then they are the shit

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