Literally saw my life flash before my eyes

I know this has nothing to do with episode…but seriously, don’t take you’re life or anyone else for granted.

Today my gf and I came pretty darn close to dying.
I was driving, doing about 75, when I had a old guy begin to merge into my lane without looking. We ended up swearving in and out of traffic in three different lanes. How I kept my Mitsubishi outlander, it’s a SUVish vehicle from flipping…is beyond me.

So the lesson is, live you’re life, do the things you want to do, because you never know when death may come for you. Live without regrets.

Edit. On a side note, my best friends gf said all those years of Mario kart paid off today.


Wow, that’s horrible, just glad you and your gf are okay and safe. But, why is an elderly guy driving? Sigh. this is why I have fear of driving because of car accidents and stuff. But the lesson is very true. Live you may, die you must. You may never know what tomorrow will bring. Be careful and safe. :open_mouth: :scream: :weary:


That sounds absolutely terrifying. I am so glad both of you are okay, even if shaken a bit.


So true! First off, some people just shouldn’t be able to drive. I’m thankful that you and your girlfriend are safe though. That must’ve been a pretty frightening experience. And as always, carpe diem. Live every day like it’s your last because one day it will be. Stay safe. :blush:


Yeah, I already have panic attacks in too much traffic due to a prior accident. So all that, plus this, and she some how managing to keep me calm, was nothing short of a miracle.

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Thank you, yeah, I was pretty shaken by it.

It was, hopefully the drive back goes smoother.

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Moral of the story: Play more Mario Kart.

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