Little Details to Incorporate


I’m looking for little details that can make my story pop, and make me want to read it!
Can y’all leave your tips below?


What’s your genre and plot?
We need more things to build our details off of :blush:


Well, something that isn’t cliche, and I think it would be nice to have a story set before the 2000s, maybe 1900s or 1800s, I really think these stories are interesting. (Maybe a romance at that time period) or they could be in the future, in which there might be a gene switch, malfunction or whatever that caused superpowers, a new species, or something wrong with earth might cause people to move to another planet? Or it’s about aliens, a prophecy, I’m not sure. No love triangles/squares.


a girl released from a mental health center suffering from abuse and talking it out on her sister, trying to ruin her life.