Little help needed with directing

Hi there,
This is my code and when i preview it it does the transition fade in thing twice and that doesn’t look that good, hoping someone can help me, thanks in advance :blush: :blush:

@LAURA spot 0.769 227 268 AND LAURA faces right AND LAURA is idle_sit_sad_loop
@LAURA changes into LAURA_1
@LAURA changes hair into Hair Flip
@transition fade in black
@ELENA spot 0.670 261 180 in zone 2
@ELENA changes into YOUNG_ELENA
@ELENA faces right
@ELENA changes hair into Full Pigtail
@pan to zone 2

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Have you tried adding seconds like

@transition fade in black in 2?

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Thanks for the reply i’v just tried it however it still doesnt work,what happens i the scene starts as normal then the transition fade in this starts too late
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Use the & sign for this command

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It worked Thank Youuu :blush: :blush: :heart: :heart:


Closed: Marked as solved and closed :v: