Little problem with the menu 😭

Hello !
I already read the introductory story but there is still only “home” and “settings” in the menu.
Can someone help me ?

What menu?

Are you new to the app?

In the three bars

Yes i am new

So you need to read a few chapters of the original episode stories and then you will be allowed to enter everything


I already read “the kiss list” and “the baby project”

That strange
Can you send me a screenshot of your menu or your main page?

Oh, you have to read the featured stories before you can have access to the full menu

The featured stories ?

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That’s weird, you should have access to other stories :thinking:

yep, the ones that the Episode team make. Things like “Bad Boy’s Girl” or “It Starts With A Bra” or “The Player”. The ones with an E in the corner in blue.

Mine is doing the same thing🙁