Little role playing game template or script looking


I want to persons get to knwo each other and asking a few questions.
the narrator says also that it is recommand to ask all the questions.
But i don’t find a script for that and i can not make it myself.

can someone help me.



I did send you a template for this yesterday.


Oh yes that is true, but it is difficult you have to change the names off the 2 persons and you have to change the question and the answer… i will try.

thanks ( it was late yesterday lol ):joy:


Better than creating everything by yourself from a scratch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i will try to do it iff it does not work i call you ok lol :hugs:


I have an error:

And now you don’t see there lips moving for talking ho do i arrange that?


you need a " before So you live still at home too?"

and you need to add an animations to the dialogue if you want their lips moving


Another error:


You need a bracket after the first and second choice {


done and i get an other error now:

It goes well but no it is he that asks and it starts well and then after the first question it is like she is asking the questions. The script says duplicate label questions.

What can i do?


You need to change the label for the second character add 1 to label and all the goto’s


can you script me that i don’t really understand.

this is the second:

label questions
(What should I ask?)
“Did you always wanted become a psychiatric nurse?"{
Yes because my father works there and he talks always about his work.
goto questions
}“Do you have siblings"{
Nope i am an only shild. I mis a brother or a sister dough.
goto questions
}“Iff your vacation job goes well, and we would propose to work during the year every Saturday, would you do it"{
Yes of course i would.
goto questions
}“are you single”{
Yes i am.
goto questions
}“I’ve asked everything”{


and after the first question it is zoekezoef that asks just like in the first label and in the second you see i marked Dr renaud.


please can someone answer me i am stucked…


Add 1 to word “questions”

So change it to questions1 everywhere in this part of the script when he asking her questions


i really don’t understand what you mean :persevere:


it says question but there you put your question so i can’t ask for example
question1 are you single?


No, I mean the label name and goto’s

label questions1

goto questions1

Change to this


yes it worked, thanks really really love you :kissing_cat: @Jeremy you can close this.