Livestream Overlay Help

Hello, I have a quick question for you.

I am wanting to make an overlay with text, and hearts to appear that a character is doing a Livestream on Instagram. I’m not sure how to do it and maybe there are a few suggestions on how to get the hearts to move as well as the text.

It is a bit of a complex request, but I really want to achieve this.

Thanks, Ava.

Depending on the program you are using I can teach you overlays :blush:

I have a MacBook, I’m using chrome.

And I need to know how to use GIFS and how to make the Instagram hearts :blush:

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Chrome is unfortunately a browser not a editing program-
As for gifs


Select any gif into a online png converter
Taking those separated pngs upload them all into your overlays on episode.

My overlay isn’t showing up help me pls

I’m no good w overlays but have u tried: Opacity 1 in 0?

Yes and it still doesn’t work

Try seeing here if u missed something :woman_shrugging:

Ok I’ll try

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