Living life to the fullest



Nlah Blah blha


this sounds cool


Thank you I have the form in my discord go ahead and fill it out if your interested.


i will need to make a discord account and have no idea how to use it would you mind pointing me to where it is


i think i accepted your discord request??


Yes go to my discord channel and click original-character-form and copy it and message it to me.


ok got it I think I did that and just have to fill it out. am I the only one so far??


Yes you are the only one so far I am looking for more people to join.


there is a role play similar to this happening on here there are a few people left seeing as it is dieing I will ask them but most are off because they live places where it is lat late at night.


I still reply to people even when I wake up its 10:42am here


same here the person I am mainly thinking of is from Italy.


That’s fine Anyone is welcome I always reply even if it takes me a bit .


ok @LeIsaac here I feel like you may be interested in this too


I can’t wait to write with you guys plus the nice thing about having a role play discord is we can all keep up with one another even one on one roleplays.


that is true. I hope they join because I really enjoy role playing with them and love there random side coments


Sounds awesome.


It will be nice


That’s nice to have people around that want to write I decided to make a discord because I role play on there and everyone I know has different times and we still manage to role play together.


exactly what i love


Yeah it is nice to have a community.