Living With The Vampire Brothers Fanpage!


Hey everyone! If your a fan of Living With The Vampires, we can chill and talk about it here! Like which brother do you like the most?

Living with the vampire brothers

Ryan and Carter :joy:


Ryan is hot as hell (wait aren’t they all?) and Carter makes me want to laugh but rip his head off as well! :joy:




I love Ryan, but at the same time I love Antonio and Zack( even though he tried to rape MC once) UGHH… I can’t wait for the next update! What your theory on the cliffhanger bukii left for us… DUDE I AM DYING


OH MY GOD!!! I feel the same way!! Bukii NEEDS to write more, but I’m definitely not gonna ask because you know how writers are when you ask… :grimacing: She will shoot me if I ask her :joy:




Lol, true dat


Who do you guys think is the sweetest one, and which one is the most cruel? I think the sweetest is Damien and the most cruel… Oh shit that’s tough… I have no idea!


I can’t wait for ep 21!!! I’m dying<3


Eh mm. Sweetest is definitely Damien and cruel is…ughh…Zachary… sorry Zachyy


Same girl! :weary:


Haha poor Zachary! :joy::cry:


Hi does anybody know if they are still making these episodes because I am dieing to read more and I already finished all 30 they can’t leav me hanging


I mean 20


Saaaammmmmmeeee I can’t take the suspense call me crazy but I stayed up past twenty for hours to get all the episodes of living with the vampire brothers read


Do you follow Bukii on Instagram? Cause if you do you would know she is REALLY trying to make more but she’s going through some things. She will publish when she can but she also has a life so… sorry if this sounds rude but I swear I didn’t mean for it to come off that way


It’s fine it didn’t I don’t have Instagram so I just wanted to know if anybody possibly knew but thankyou anyways


No problem!


I don’t follow her but I’m definitely not complaining because I know she has a life. I hope she gets through rough times and I wish her the best<3333333