Living With The Vampire Brothers Fanpage!


Hey everyone! If your a fan of Living With The Vampires, we can chill and talk about it here! Like which brother do you like the most?


Ryan and Carter :joy:


Ryan is hot as hell (wait aren’t they all?) and Carter makes me want to laugh but rip his head off as well! :joy:




I love Ryan, but at the same time I love Antonio and Zack( even though he tried to rape MC once) UGHH… I can’t wait for the next update! What your theory on the cliffhanger bukii left for us… DUDE I AM DYING


OH MY GOD!!! I feel the same way!! Bukii NEEDS to write more, but I’m definitely not gonna ask because you know how writers are when you ask… :grimacing: She will shoot me if I ask her :joy:




Lol, true dat


Who do you guys think is the sweetest one, and which one is the most cruel? I think the sweetest is Damien and the most cruel… Oh shit that’s tough… I have no idea!


I can’t wait for ep 21!!! I’m dying<3


Eh mm. Sweetest is definitely Damien and cruel is…ughh…Zachary… sorry Zachyy


Same girl! :weary:


Haha poor Zachary! :joy::cry:


Hi does anybody know if they are still making these episodes because I am dieing to read more and I already finished all 30 they can’t leav me hanging


I mean 20


Saaaammmmmmeeee I can’t take the suspense call me crazy but I stayed up past twenty for hours to get all the episodes of living with the vampire brothers read