Living With The Vampire Brothers Fanpage!


I agree! I do follow her (and literally like every single godamn character in the story) :joy:


Can someone plz answer me , can i should to be Carter not R ??


Uh… what? I didn’t understand any of that :thinking: Can you please retype the question? Thanks! :heart:


Do you mean shpuld i be with Ryan or Carter?


Have you read Living with the vampire brothers by Bukii.Di. If you did then reply and say who do you like the most from the brothers.


Either Ryan, Carter, or Anthony :thinking::sweat_smile:


They are 100% HOT. AS. HELL. :heart:


I think so too! They all are unique and hot. :heart_eyes:


Yeeeeesssssss!!! :heart_eyes: :fire: