Livingroom Background needed! [OPEN!]

So, my co-writer @eliseclairmont and I need a livingroom background that looks similar to this bedroom background:

[Sorry this part is kinda big :sweat:]
So for the livingroom we have a few must have:

  1. The livingroom has to have this overlay in it.

  2. Also we need rear view and front view of this background. (The front view will be in the TV, aka the reader view, where they see from, is the TV.)

  3. As well as a brown chair overlay has to be in the backgrounds.

  4. Has to have TV in the rear version.
    Thank you!!


Some tags: @LiyahxWrites @fraud @FlowerGriefer @sophookles


Hey…You can check out my Insta @luna_epsd I have some livingroom backgrounds with different angles.

It might not be the same as the one you mentioned.


Bump! We still need this!

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Hey! I changed my Insta…it’s @elysian_epsd

I have some backgrounds that might help

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I sent an access form in.

I’ll pm you the link

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