Liv's Art Shop! [CLOSED SORRY]

Hi, welcome to my art shop! I make cover art, profile pics/edits and splashes. My work takes effort and time. Do not rush me or your request will be denied.



cover art

none yet.

profile pics


  • credit me in a reader message. copy and paste this into your script or credit me in your bio:
    readerMessage work by @epylivvy on IG!
  • don’t take credit for my work.
  • don’t request what you have requested here in another art shop. your request will be denied.


cover art:
story name
your name

profile pics:
your character (i work best with ink)

what you want


I would like to request a large cover that looks like this

The 2 guys look like this

And the girl looks like this

And the the mystery persons shirt says “split Seconds” instead because my story is called split Seconds

I also don’t want the question mark on the mystery persons face

And for the poses I would like them all looking at the mystery person, and kinda fear look on their face

And my name is Ezrie

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OMG! Your pfp looks EXACTLY like my old forums pfp!!! :joy: @livgrace.episode

Sorry, I know this is random.

Hey! I have a question, did you create the outline for the profile picture example?

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can you make me a background that says :this story dose not use sound :please and thank you


can you send the people’s info like this for example
skin - tan
nose - button
i cannot make it other wise sorry.

no! it was my entry for @meg.epy 's ig outline contest. i’ve given credit on my instagram for the outline don’t worry! :slightly_smiling_face:

if possible can I get a new profile pic for the forums? just a quick note I prefer if artist write their names on the art so I can remember who to credit ( for example written in the bottom made by @epylivvy on IG!
if you can’t do that then I will only add it in my bio :smile:

skin: tan
brow: mature round
hair: beach wave (chestnut)
eyes: upturned feline (blue)
face: oval
nose: elven
lips: full round ( mocha)
this is how the char looks like but can you give it different clothes ? like the custom clothes that you did in the profile pic ? (not the same but I hope you get what I mean) I prefer dark colors for clothing but if you like something else that is fine as well

background maybe something like this?? but then in like zone 2?

but if you have another background I don’t mind you using that one

thank you xxx

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request accepted. i’ll get to work now! x

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Hi please can I have a profile pic


Background whichever is easier for you:

Also please can the character either be in the pose of the example pic or this one


request accepted. i’ll get to work.

Hey! I finished your request!


hope you like it xx

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what you want? Warning Turn your volume up for the full experiences.

or something like this

Can I also have like the headphone symbom please like it the middle like you have the example.

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i’ll get started.

okay thanks just dm/pm me it when they finish thanks. and let me know how you what to be credit too.


Skin: gold 02

Brow: arched thin (black dark)

Hair: over shoulder braid (brown black)

Eyes: deepest downturned (ice blue)

Face: heart soft

Lips: full heart pouty (pink beige matte)

She has a tattoo
Guy 1:

Skin: rose 04

Brows: male generic (blackjet)

Hair: medium side curls (black dark)

Eyes: sloping heavy lid (hazel)

Face: diamond soft

Nose: hooked Grecian

Mouth: full heart neutral

He has a scar and tattoo


Guy 2:

Face: rose 03

Brow: strait medium scar (light brown)

Hair: messy undercut (dirty blonde)

Eyes: male generic (blue green)

Face: square defined

Nose: round wide

Lips: medium heart (fair neutral)

can you size this for me to fit episode and can you tell me if you can please

hi are u still open? @livgrace.episode