srry your request is taking so long your request is done but i’m in school so i can’t post it rn since i’m still in school i get out is about 38 mins


Your request

Your requestt

image image


Soo if you can give me your character
Details in word form the splash will look a lot better


Here it is
hair type: beachwave
hair color: fawn
skin tone: tan
nose shape: eleven
face shape: oval
eye shape: upturned feline
eye color : hickory
eyebrows: seductive arch
lip shape: full round
lip color: scarlet


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey thaks for the deets but might take a while because I am very sick rn I literally feel like a dead girl walking so it might take a little longer but I’m staying home from school tomorrow so I just might be able to get it done


If you are still accepting, I would love a splash.


Just give me the details when do ya need it to be completed


It can be completed any time. I would like the splash about the basic. “This story uses sound…so turn it up.” Any background is fine
Character details-
Eyebrows- mature round
Face shape- oval
Hair- beach waves in black
Lips- full round in plum
Eyes- upturned feline in green
Nose- elven
Skin tone- honey
Outfit- any…preferably something with a leather jacket


hi can i request?


Sure what would you like


i want a overlay that says “2025 February 14th”


I need a little more description like what color are the words,what font,what size


I want the font to be Castellar and I want the size to be 36 and I want the color to be a dark blue. Anything else I need to explain.


Not right now I don’t think thank you give me a little while


yea take your time


Hey so I just went to see if I could find your font but I looked and I couldn’t find it


ok well then just do the one that says copperplate light


Oof kk


Do u know when it will be done