Idk I started on it earlier but I have to go to school tomorrow so idk






well… ok



Your request


i have no idea if i got this right my mom is out of the house so i can use meh phone rn figured id try to get some requests done



Your request

I could not choose what color was better so I’m gonna let ya choose



Your request

Credit meh please


Bumpity bump bump ungrounded!!!
whoop whoop


Hi do you make arm overlay?.. (Like for a character arm to wrap around another character)


yes ofc


just give me a brief description of what you want
character gender
and character skin tone.
and it should be done as soon as i get out of school bc im in school rn lol
but i get out at 400 pm but i have almost 6 hours left lol


Ok So my character is a male
body color is (honey) and he has a tattoo on his right Arm


And Yes I’ll credit you​:kissing_heart::grinning:


Oh and I forgot… can you do one for the character when he’s sleeping (arms wrap around) the other character. Thanks So Much


idk what you mean
so to clarify you want a overlay of a male character skin tone honey so when you use it it’ll be two people are hugging each other and the male has his arms wrapped around the other character

btw sorry i took so long
i’m still in school
and i am supposed to be working on a essay rn lol


Something to this sort…When The Character is hugging the the female


perfect ill will be dine in about 1 hour and 45 minutes bc school is iver in 40 minutes plus i need to do my homework then i will be done


Alright :grinning:


Heyyy srry about not getting ur request done
life happened so i will get it done right after school i promise lol oof


btw i have a question you want it to look just like this image here but a female bc im confused
u say u want the male one but at the end of the image it says female at the end so im confused oof