Lizard's Art Shop🌻[Open]

Hey, I’m in an art mood and I wanna practice making some covers. That probably also extends over to splashes and shit, so those are the main things I’ll be doing at the mo. Don’t hesitate to ask me about anything I can do!



Cover Form

Author (optional):
Background description:
Small or wide cover:
Extras (poses, style of text, any kind of aesthetic you want, etc):

Splash Form

Character(s) and poses:
Description of splash:
Description of background/attach background image:

Character Deets Form

Character name & description:
Description of background:

Art Scene Form

I don’t draw characters
Character(s) outfits and poses:
Description of scene:
Description of background:


Standard stuff, no thread hopping, basic courtesy is nice, nothing too dramatic but a thank you isn’t hard and lets me know you appreciate my work. Also, please credit me properly. I spend a substantial amount of time on making these look nice, sometimes I check so pls don’t lie!


You can credit me by mentioning my Instagram account, @leo.episode, at any point in the first episode of your story. I don’t mind my covers being uploaded as backgrounds or edited for intros, you can use them any way you like just as long as I’m credited.




Your art style is so cutee!
My story is titled stranded and it’s about people stranded on an island after a plane crash.
I would like 2 characters please. I made an art of something similar I would like:

My cover I was going to use


Character details

-skin: Copper 05
-brows: arched natural deep brown
-hair: hair flip brunette brown
-eyes: deepset downturned hazel dark
-face: diamond
-nose: defined natural
-mouth: full round pouty red deep gloss
-skin:neutral 04
-eyebrows: straight medium black dark
-hair: short messy curls black dark
-eyes: male generic hazel
-face: male generic
-nose; straight pointed
-mouth: medium heart; rose light nude matte


I recently made a cover but I like your art style way better lmao. Honestly, if you decide to fulfill this request I’m looking for a cover that ofc says “Stranded” on it. I also want the two characters on the front with some form of physical contact that makes it obvious he is a love interest. There’s not really an overall vibe, but it’s a mystery/ adventure story if that helps lol

Password: mistletoe

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do you do LL style?

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Request accepted! I’m on my way to school right now so expect your cover later today.
(Just to clarify, do you want something drawn or edited? I don’t think I’m able to do any drawing requests right now but I can edit characters)

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I do :cowboy_hat_face:


Ohh, I thought you were drawing. It’s okay, thanks though!

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It’s all g


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One more question: since it takes place on an island, would you like a more tropical background or keep it to a misty forest like the og cover?

Honestly either one is fine, I think the misty background adds to the mysterious element though :smile:

Okay do you make art scenes?

Hoi I was wondering if my request was excepted?

@episode.vogue Here’s your cover! Don’t forget to look over the credit rules, and if there’s anything you want to change don’t hesistate to ask me.

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Do you do just regular backgrounds?

I haven’t done them before but I could try my hand at it if its not something too crazy

Would you be able to make a fancy dorm room with two beds. (If possible I would like a night dorm and morning dorm) (If it’s possible would you be able to make an empty morning dorm and a finished dorm with night and morning), if it’s not possible that is okay.

Absolutely, I’m getting to it rn

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Yay! Thank you so much! :blush::heart:

Do you make art scenes?

Your cover is finished! I tried to get the hand in his pocket but it ended up looking goofy so I kept it as-is, hope that’s okay with you.