Lizz’s Art Shop {Open For Splashes}

I’m going to be honest I feel like I can only do so much but I feel inspired to do this :heart:
(keep In mind : I can only edit characters. not draw them. *yet!)

rules :

  1. please be patient!
    I appreciate you requesting and I will try my absolute best to do what you want but it might take a few hours or even a day for me to finish it. If you have a question please PM me about it so this post isn’t full of confusion. detailed
I’m not going to know everything. I want you to go into detail about what you want. What background? What about the characters? What are their expressions? What don’t ? What color? What designs?

  1. please be respectful
    This is the most important to me . I won’t hesitant to cancel your request if you just demand from me. :roll_eyes:

  2. Please. No. Thread. Hopping
    This is extremely annoying and disrespectful when both designers/artists are doing the same request for one person . Please don’t do this. If you’re going to request make it different please.

Keep in mind : I’m not very experienced so just be warned not to request any complex poses. thank you for being patient and reading this.

(At some point this will be closed when I need to catch up!)


Start requesting . :two_hearts:

Please always remember to credit me :relieved: (my name on here: “check out @lizzethx on episode forums”


Hi! I’d like to request a splash for the end of the story. I’ll add word to it, but can you draw characters?

I’m sorry I can’t draw. I only edit them.

It’s ok. Would you like to do it for me? I’ll give you the details…


Ink or LL: LL
Char deets:
Body: Rose 02
Brow: Arched Natural
Brow Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Female Generic
Eye Color: Green Emerald
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Small Heart
Lip Color: Pink Peach Medium Matte
Hair: Over Shoulder Braid
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Extra Facial Features (freckles,moles,tattoos etc.): Freckles Heavy (04-07)
Char photo:

Pose: idle_loop_rear


Could she be at the left of the backgroud?

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Of course. I’ll try my absolute best. Do you want any text on this splash?

If so- what style font?


Text: To be continued…

What font ?

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And I need the details

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Just do like Arial. Or something similar.

Emily's details

Body: Tan
Brows: Classic Natural(Black)
Hair: Long Straight(Black)
Eyes: Round Classic(Blue)
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic(Bordeaux)

Here is your splash:) please don’t forget to credit me @lizzethx on episode forums

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Here you go :two_hearts: Please do not forget to credit me @lizzethx on episode forums

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Can you scoot her back and have her holding the words? @Lizzethx

Could you give me the outfit details ?

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You can just move back the character you have on the second one. But sure.

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Anytime :two_hearts:

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Thank you so much! :two_hearts:

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