LL and INK clothes on the characters AT THE SAME TIME!


I’ve just discovered how to put the LL and the INK clothes (like a LL dress and an INK pair of shoes) on the LL/INK char !!AT THE SAME TIME!! :heart_eyes:


  1. Create a new story

  2. Choose LL characters then the full character display

  3. Select an “actor”

  4. Go to the outfits and choose one or more items to dress your character (ex: a T-shirt and some shoes) DON’T FORGET TO SAVE!

  5. Tap on the arrow from your left top until you are back at the story (I mean that place with the buttons “character”, “outfits”, etc.)

  6. Tap on the characters and choose INK (and the full format!)

  7. Select an INK character

  8. Go to the outfits

  9. Tap on the outfit you created first (at it you can add now ink items)

Then make the step 5 and repeat 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 how many times you want…

P.S. It may not work for LL!

-Hope it helps! :kissing_heart::wink::heart:

Dressing Code How?

I’m having such a good time :joy: thank you for sharing!


How?! I don’t understand! Help, please? :worried:


Can you use this in stories? :thinking:


it works yall