LL and ink clothing style

i know this was discussed years ago but i still have hope that it’s still Possible somehow because as the old saying go Nothing is impossible to a willing heart but was wondering if there is any recent way to glitch the two styles together i will take it i know i heard the its only for the old acc or the episode featured stories im trying to become a writer in the app but would love to use LL clothes on ink for some scenes to have more variety and ethnicity into my characters i know the limitations and or it may look weird but i trust my better judgment not to go wild with the outfit to prevent awkwardness I understand why episode have the two styles separated but as a creative writer who been writing with episode since ink first came out i could never publish a story because the outfits did not look authentic to me untill LL came out which got me intrigued enough to back into writing but i worked and wrote stories in ink for so long I couldn’t change Styles because I can never figure out how LL worked (even with videos about it) And i was never a big LL fan i really only enjoy their outfits choices because personally it looks too real and as artist myself who enjoys 2D animation i like ink better because the facial expressions on ink is more clear and cartoonish to catch the readers eye but LL is more 3D with more realistic animations and facial expressions to make it hard to understand one of the characters emotions and i think that might put most readers off im not knocking LL its a solid Style that’s love,liked or hated by many LL and ink is a prime example for the old and new lion king not many like the live action Lion King many viewer complain that their was little to no emotion . While the animation is stunning and the animals look like you could reach out and touch them, the style lacks the range of emotion and expression that the original captured so well. which was a big shame I personally love the storyline and where It was going and how the animation look but the animals had 0 to no emotion which put me off but- sorry sorry for rambling i just thought i could get heard maybe but long story short is there any recent working way to Put LL outfits on Ink but still keep the ink animation,style and ethnicity while wearing some kick ass LL outfits but if their is 0 anyone can do please drop a reply and let it be known any news is good news :wink:

Hii! I love ink just as much as you! UGH! I wished episode released more outfits and hairstyles for us, but as far as I know, episode stopped releasing them and they aren’t going to continue it. Although there is a way to put limelight outfits on Ink characters, but you have to be an old member in order to do that.

my acc is pretty old i had it since 2017 and haven’t changed it XD

It should definitely work then, there is a tutorial for it on YouTube!

There is a way to get LL clothes on INK characters on YouTube I believe :grin:

I think you have to make all of the outfits at the very beginning of creating a new story however.

i think i can do that lol

actually it just keeps saying im mixing one style of clothes on a other i was trying to test it to see if it worked lol but it just said the same thing XC

Hi there @Queenlion1, this method of outfit creation isn’t officially supported by Episode. Character styles aren’t meant to mix like this, and could cause issues for both your story and your readers, such as making your story unreadable. We wouldn’t recommend using it at this time :slight_smile:

understood x(

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