LL arm overlay ASAP!


Hey guys,

I am in need of a LL arm overlay ASAP for the male character in Copper 06.

I would like the arm to be grasping as if they have kidnapped someone.

Can anyone do it? I really need it as soon as possible!

Thank you.


Like this one?


Yes! But rotated so that it is facing right :heart:





No, I mean rotate it. Not flip it. :smile:

Also when I come to download it as an overlay, it has a white background and not transparent?



Like that?


It’s facing upwards. I wanted it to be facing right. Sorry for being too difficult but that’s how I need it in my story!


Like this one? And it’s ok I’m the one who is sorry :sweat_smile:


Yay, you’re getting there! Just the thumb to be up and the fingers down :heart: