LL art cover ploise <3

Hello! :slight_smile:

Okay so basically I am not very gifted in the whole art cover department and I was wondering if I could commission two free pieces. Here are the details for the large cover:

  • Ok so because Im kinda paranoid I wont announce the title until i’ve decided on which artist
  • Hope thats ok I just dont rlly want it to be stolen.
  • Limelight
  • Idm if it’s drawn or edited but I would prefer examples of your work so I can decide
  • If that isn’t too much trouble :heart:
  • I would like the MC to be in an aeroplane and looking out the window.
  • The POV would be from the outside looking in.
  • Idm wut clothes she’s in but she is heading to a coastal African island so preferably not sweaters and hats.
    Unlike the large cover I literally have no idea what I would like for the small cover so you’d have free reign basically :slight_smile:
    I am gonna include her LI’s details so if you’d like to add them.
    Here are Lauraine’s (the mc) deets:

Skin = Neutral 04
Hair = Medium Straight Down (Jet black)
Face = Round soft
Eyebrows = Arched natural (Jet black)
Eyes = Female Generic (Ice blue)
Nose = Round broad
Mouth = Small Heart (Neutral Medium Nude Matte)

The 1st LI’s deets (Bastien)
Skin = Athletic (Rose 07)
Hair = Small Ponytail Wavy Parted Hair (Black dark)
Face = Chiseled Angular
Eyebrows = Male generic (Black dark)
Eyes = Deepset Heavy Lid (Dark hazel)
Nose = Straight Flat
Mouth = Medium Straight Neutral (Rose medium nude matte)

2nd LI (Therese)
Skin = Neutral 06
Hair = Bantu Knots (Black dark)
Face = Square Defined
Eyes = Monolid Defined
Nose = Round Flared Downturned
Mouth = Full Round Flat Top Skin (Dark Apricot Matte)

Tysm if u decide to take this on it would mean the world to me <3

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Request it here Alicia and Melly’s Art Shop! :sparkling_heart: {OPEN} :sparkles: we’re free

What do you mean by commission 2 free pieces? Sorry I’m confused. :sweat_smile:

Are you looking for free or commissioned artworks

Sorry, I’d like a 2 free pieces - didn’t explain it vry well the first time :sweat_smile: Im a idiot sorry.