LL character for a dark aesthetic character edit?

Soooo I’m gonna enter jenny & miranda’s contest on insta but I need someone’s character for my edit. Just the basic details (skin, hair, eyes, etc) no outfit suggestions pls, I’m gonna create my own to fit the theme. It would be helpful if you included a screenshot!

I’ll pick a random character tonight when I start my edit. Hopefully this has attracted attention by then, if not rip to me I’ll just use one of my own characters :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

So yeaaaah uhh go for it ig???

Ps: it doesnt have to be female, usually when I see these people only ever recommend female characters. Which is cool but I’m open to anything. Maybe I will pick 2 characters if I’m feeling inspired ahh

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Heyy here is my character

Idk if it fits a dark astethic but if not you can use this character that is going to be in my future story haha

Her details are
Skin tone: rose 03
Eyes: feneric ice blue
Face shape soft heart
Mouth: full heart pouty matte plum
Hair: whoever you want to style it but the color is dark blue
Eyebrow: arched natural scar black
Nose: round button
And she has freckles and a tattoo on her left arm
Feel free to use anyone

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Thank you!!

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