LL Characters Needed plz


Hey guysss :kissing_smiling_eyes:
So I need sum LL characters for my zombie story

I need a lot of people to be zombies
You can have a special scene based on your personality (Yes zombies have personalities too)
Your special scene could be your hard to kill, you kill off one of the survivors, or something funny happens, or whatever

For the survivors, I need about 30 or more idk yet lol :wink: You will be Important in the story, no matter what role you play!!
You can also be more than one character

Types of zombies-

  1. The Homer- The funny zombie that acts stupid, has funny scenes (my personal favorite!)
  2. The Hawking- The ones who just walk around, sleep, or just stare at you until you get creeped out…
  3. The Ninja- The ones who runs after you fast as hell and just pops out of nowhere, the smart ones
  4. The Crazies- The ones who look so scary and they will try to kill you if they just smell you
  5. The Rock- The strong zombies, hard to kill, better to run from than fight
  6. The twins- You have a human version of you as well as a zombie version


You can answer all these questions if you wanna be a zombie too

Fill out plz!
  • Your name
  • Your character deets
  • How you dress? (EX. Laid back, Colourful, ect.)
  • Your personality during the zombie apocalypse
  • Your little back story (how did you find out about the apocalypse, where were you, ect If your a zombie, how did you become one, ect.)
  • What type of zombie do you want to be?
  • I wanna credit everyone! So leave where u want me to credit you plz nd thanks
  • Lmk if you want a love Interest (Not everyone can have one, that’s a headache :woman_facepalming:)

Slots taken for survivors-

30 out of 30 (might open this slot again!)

Slots taken for zombies-

The Homer- 10 out of 10 (might open this slot again!)
The Hawking- 4 out of 10
The Ninja- 10 out of 10 (might open this slot again!)
The Crazies- 7 out of 10
The Rock- 3 out of 10
The Twins- 5 out of 5 (might open this slot again!)


All of the updates and stuff will be on my Instagram
@epi.gummybears I will also make a post on the forums saying when the story is officially out!

Btw I’m following everyone on insta who participates in this



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Oops I should’ve said that it’s LL

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can you please change the hair to Side Part Curly Asymmetrical

Your name Chrissy
How you dress lol like this…


Your personality ambivert, cautios, quiet sometimes… but not always!

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Thank youu- how do I credit you? I wanna credit everyone

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you don’t have to but my forum is okay if you do

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Yuppie I will credit you :wink:

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Sum Tagsss (Sorry if yah didn’t wanna be tagged)



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Lol I tagged you, if you wanted to be a background character in my story :sparkles:

sure tag me in

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Yayyy just scroll up to see the details :two_hearts:

okay thanks your so sweet

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Hey sorry I didnt ask before!

But do you want a love interest?
And if you do can you describe his personality as well plz?

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Thanks for tagging me! :two_hearts: @gummybears1

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Thankyouuu :two_hearts:

I just added one more thing about a love interest, did you want one?

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Sure! :upside_down_face:

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Okay cool, do you want to describe him as well?

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Oooh a zombie story :eyes: Count me in!

Thank you for the tag :blob_hearts:

My name: Sunny
Character details:


How I dress: Uhhh… like the picture…? :thinking: But I have glasses and freakles (4-7) though… heehee (dang, I’m so hard to work with :new_moon_with_face:)
Zombie’s personality: I kinda wanna kill someone… (In your story, I swear!) I’m pretty quiet…? (Wow I’m gonna be a quiet zombie that may kill characters lmao)
Can I be the ninja? They sound like a nice role lmao.
I don’t need a love intrest to be cool… I’m cool already :sunglasses:

Oop forgot to tell you I wanna be a zombie please!
You can just credit me with my forum name.

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He’s shy, he’s a teaser around people he knows WELL, and he’s friendly! :heart::fire:

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