LL Characters Needed

If you want to be in my story please list if your characters information or a picture of them and their clothes. Let me knwo if they are androids or human. Also list their personality and if you leave multiple characters list their relation(family, friend, dating, complicated).

Skin- Neutral 02
Eyebrows- Arched thin high- Dark brown
Hair- Straight medium- dark brown
Eyes- Round medium- Pale brown
Face- Square defined
Nose- Pointed downturned
Mouth- Full heart pouty- deep pink gloss
Openness, Charming and cheerful,Confident, Party animal, fun loving, will put you in your place if you’re wrong, An amazingly loyal friend, will never switch up on you.

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Name: Ayame
Hair: Medium Curly Solid (Blue black)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Round Thin High
Eyes: Female Generic (Grey Cool)
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Plum Gloss)
Body: Neutral 01

Top: Racer Back Workout Top Ice Camo
Short: Studded Cuttoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black
Shoes: Calf Length Rolled Patterned Socks Short Heel Boots Suede Red Rosewood
Accessories: Woven Bracelet Metal Accents Leather Grey Black, Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver, Thick Framed Colored Accents Blue Turquoise


Personality: Friendly, smart, outgoing, and gets nervous around guys

Name: Kai
Hair: Wavy Messy (Copper Red)
Face: Diamond Soft
Eyebrows: Soft Round (Copper Red)
Eyes: Sloping Heavy Lid (Grey cool)
Nose: Straight Narrow
Mouth: Medium Straight Natural (Beige Rose)
Body: Rose 03

Top: Duffle Jacket Cable Knitted Sweater Cotton Red Candy
Pant: Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Grey Light Cool
Shoes: High Top Classic Leather Black


Personality: Easygoing, funny, fun, and love messing around with people

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Human, shy, yet friendly and loyal. A bit of a geek.

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half Android half human (?) if not just android

Persobality: Has a harsh past filled with pain from experimentation so she is closed off, mean, but secretly overprotective of others and will kill when needed

Name: Hope
Skin: Gold 02
Brow: Arched Thick Styled (blackJet)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid (Dark brown)
Eyes: Female Generic (Emerald Green)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Gloss)
Personality: Flirty, Crazy, Sarcastic, Tricky
Outfit: Studded Black Belt Cat Suit Pleather White Pink, Cat Suit Studded Pants Pleather Grey White, Cat Suit Cat Headband Leather White Pink, Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Red Fuchsia