LL Characters 💗

hii babes

Who wants to be my MC in my story? Female and Male. LIMELIGHT!!
Please leave some below :fairy:t3:‍♀

I’ll pick some i like x.

Sofia :fairy:t3:‍♀

Skin Tone: Neutral 02
Eye Brow Shape: Arched Natural
Eye Brow Color: Light Brown
Hair Syle: Long Feathered
Hair Color: Diry Blond
Eye Shape: Deepest Almond
Eye Color: Blue Gree
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose Shape: Defined Natural
Lip Shape: Full Round Flat Top Skin
Lip Color: Pink Warm Gloss

Outfit Details-----

Low Cut Croptopand Skirt Combo Dress Satin Grey Blue Neptune
Pumps Closed Round Black
Diamond Cluster Bracelet Sapphire
Diamond Embedded Country Chic Crystal Blue Azure
Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver


my drive with all characters i make🖤