LL clothes on INK characters

I’ve seen heaps of posts with INK characters with LL clothes, and I’m trying to follow the same tutorial to do it and write a story, but it just isn’t working. Can anyone help me please? :slight_smile:


Not sure how much help I can be, but this usually doesn’t work all that well. There’s a high chance it’ll break your story further down the line.


Ah that’s a shame. I’ll just write it in normal INK. Thank you :heart:

Hey hun! I don’t know if I’m right or not (Most likely not) But what you’re looking at could be something that some people like to do for fun when they put LL clothes,hair,shoes,etc on INK characters or the same from INK to LL and sometimes it might be their own design in clothing (AGAIN I might be wrong but just putting it out there this might be what going on) :heart:


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