LL Cover Art - Commission/Paid

Hey! I’m looking for an artist to help make a large cover for a story i’m working on.
I am happy to provide details of what I’m looking for + character look but am open to artist interpretations :slight_smile:
My story hasn’t been published yet so there is no set time frame!
I am willing to pay commission (for a reasonable price)
Please let me know if you are interested!! xxx

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I could try if you’d like!

No commission or anything needed; I’m bored XD XD

Hey! thank you sooo much, would be great :slight_smile: what info do you need? xx

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Drawn or Edited?
If drawn, episodeish, or semi realistic?
The COMPLETE details of the characters you want on the cover, plus their outfits!
Ideal pose?
Ideal background? (Optional)
Author name?(Optional)

Hey, i’ve sent you a message with the details :slight_smile:

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Hey! Hope, you’ll find what you’re looking for. In case you’re going for comission, I recommend checking

And can personally recommend @WitchOfLust (you can see her examples on insta: www.instagram.com/witchoflust.ep/)
Hope, that helps!


Are you still looking for someone? I do commisions Art commisions open :art::heart_eyes: and I’d love to help you out :kissing_heart:

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Hey there, if you’re still looking for art, mind checking out our studio? The examples below are all by the same artist!


Disclaimer, you do have to pay for these, but each only ranges around 10-60 ><!!

Thank you for your time ^-^, maybe check us out?

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