LL cover for my story

Please would anyone make me cover please i am literally trying from 2 days to get my cover done but no progress. I want cover for my story drawn and if its semi realistic it would be excellent but normal one are also good! Please is there anyone who can genuinely help me?!!!

Check my work on IG minas.writes , and if you like it and interested in one you can DM me your request :slight_smile:

Can u make a cover in which characters are posing like this?

Sure! Which pose would you like it to be ?
Small cover or large ?

Small i am sending u the details but it has four characters… TIA❤️

  • How many characters? 4
  • What style and is it drawn or edited? Drawn (if it would be semi realistic then excellent otherwise normal ones are also good!
  • What are their details, and outfits? (Do you want drawn clothing?) Mc (standing in front with a book doing animation of reading or u can just make her look straight) do whats easy for you
    Character details:
    Body:Female generic body (Neutral 01)
    Brow: Round Thin High(Black Dark)
    Hair: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid (Chestnut Brown)
    Eyes: Female generic(brown black)
    Face: Heart Soft
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Peach Gloss)
    Nose: Round Button Upturned

    I recommend if you change the outfit yourself of my characters, I don’t have a issue.
    Second boy standing in front with MC on right side wraps hands around her neck and face towards MC (just a face tilted towards MC otherwise he is standing straight)
    Character Details:
    Body: Male Athletic Body (Neutral 02)
    Brow: Arched Medium (Black Jet)
    Hair: Slicked Back Solid (Black Silhouette)
    Eyes: Deepset downturned (Light Brown)
    Face: Diamond Soft
    Nose: Hooked Grecian
    Lips: Full Heart Natural (Pink Peach Medium Gloss)

    Its the second guy standing on the left with MC behind just doing some cool animation.
    Character details
    Body: Male Athletic Body (Neutral O2)
    Brow: Round thick ( Light Brown)
    Hair: Medium Taper Wavy ( Brunette Brown)
    Eyes: Male Deep Sunken (Hazel)
    Face: Triangle Chiseled
    Nose: Grecian Narrow
    Lips: Medium Straight Natural (Beige Rose)

Second girl behind the boy who is standing with MC and she is staring at him which shows he is interested in him
Character details:
Body: Female Generic Body (Neutral O1)
Brow: Arched Natural (Light Brown)
Hair: Updo Pony wavy long ( Dirty Blonde)
Eyes: Deepset Mature (Blue Aqua)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Medium Heart Natural (Pink Peach Lt Gloss)

  • What pose?(If custom pose leave a reference)

    Like this two character who are standing on front please i want then doing these poses
  • Leave a background. basically i want a blurred background which make the characters prominent so u can have it by your choice (they are in university)
  • Is it waist up, legs up, etc? (Height difference?) Mc is shorter in her group
  • When do you need it by? (Be specific) Please take your time there is no rush
  • Anything else?(Abs, scars, height difference ,text, freckles, filter, piercing, nails) Story name is It’s Really Complicated and best friend standing with MC have abs and strong body

Ok, I’ll send to you on IG when I’m done, what’s your IG?

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If you don’t have an issue can u send me over here?

It’s ok , but credit must be given :slight_smile:

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And please take your time just asking how long it will take?

Yeah ofcourse I will​:heart::heart:

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Usually a day or less, but 4 Characters is a lil bit much, so 3 days at maximum :slight_smile:

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Sure take your time and Thankyou so muchh :heart:

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You’re welcome :blush: