LL Cover Needed!

Title: Destiny?
Author Name: Alexandra Rose

Character 1:

Character 2:

Pose 1:
Pose 2:
Font Style: Lily Script One
Font Color: Purple




Hi! Do you still need this cover?

Here is an example of a cover I've done

I’d need a few more details before I’d start

  • Would you like any other text on screen other than the title (like in my example how I have the author name in the corner)
  • The character details/their outfits
  • Do you need a small or large cover (or both?)
  • Where would you like the characters placed? (Character 1 on the left or 2 on the left and 1 on the right? And which way are they facing?)
  • How big/where do you want the text to be? (above their heads, across both their bodies, at the bottom, ect)
  • Would you like an edited cover (like the example) or a drawn one? (I probably won’t be able to do a drawn one, and if I can it won’t be my best work)