🌹 LL Custom CC template giveaways 🌹

Hi there, hope I’m in the right category and I might get 0 requests but that’s alright, this thread can close naturally :lol: :rose:

I want to say thank you so much to @FlowerGriefer and @fraud for helping me create amazing cc tappable templates, they provided me with all the art material and I’m super proud of it, they’re the artists behind this :blob_hearts: If you’re interested in trying it out, can check out the templates through my linktree to test them out (you can test when a new update takes place and story share links work) :blob_sun: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: I enjoy coding these :nerd_face:

On this thread, you can request themes, if I’m being inspired to code it, I’ll take on the task (my artists are FlowerGriefer and Fraud). I’ll PM you your custom themed template. Perhaps, I’ll even make a google drive for it all someday. I’ll see how everything goes. It would be in limelight and fits on a phone device (be careful of tablet size). All I ask is you leave the credit in, thank you so much.*

Theme (can be as detailed as possible):
Option(s): Hairstyles, hair colors, and/or lip colors
For which story:
Character details (optional):
Other info:

Not all might be completed because even though it’s a leisure activity, at some point I get lazy or have too much to do or etc. Thanks for understanding. I might take ages as I have some projects in the works but thought this would be fun even if I end up making only 1 or 2 custom templates :blob_hearts:

If you request for two or all three options they are given as separate templates. If you want all two or three to be together, can let me know and I’ll quickly add an option for 2 or 3 of these for a choice.


I’d use the same lipstick, star and hair overlays but different tray, arrows, check mark, back symbol and word overlays plus maybe a background to fit the theme as a bonus.

Much love, JemU776, the helpful elf :rose:


I’m gonna bookmark this! :heart:


I might request when I find a purpose, haha :blob_hearts:


this is amazing I would be so lazy to do this for my own story even I might theoretically figure out how to do it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: that I am pretty sure I will not even try. :woman_facepalming:


how do you make these visual ones?

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So my badass artists are @FlowerGriefer and @fraud I get the art material from them (only people I trust when it comes to this :joy: ) and then I code it. Using gotos, labels, tappable overlays, changing into features, etc.


So can I use the cc?


Oui, you can do it, I have total confidence you will create an amazing CC template if you’re up for the challenge :fist_bump:


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