LL Drawn Covers Needed! (closed)

I’m creating a new story which is a horror/thriller themed :slight_smile:, I need a large and small cover. If anyone is interested please pm me back :grin:.

I do art covers but only for published stories

my forum link


Thank you but It’s not published yet :two_hearts:

I might be able but I’m not sure tho

Do you have LL examples??

I don’t have a cover example but a character edit draw I can show you tho!

That would be great! :grin:

Here it is

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That’s really good!! :two_hearts:

Aweeee tysm :heart:

I don’t know if you can do something like this???



I can try! But it will take some days! But if I can’t I’ll let you know :heart:

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It’s fine :blush:

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