LL Extras Needed!

Hi friends!

I am new to forums, but I am asking for extras to use in my new story (currently unpublished), “Wrong Dimension”. I need a lot of extras in my story, specifically in limelight style.

These can be characters you have created in previous stories of yours, characters you just made for the heck of it, or even just yourself!

In order to submit an extra, you can do so in the comments, or fill out my form (preferred). The link is:

Thank you!
Mercury :blue_heart:

Welcome to the forums! I’m gonna fill out the form now :sparkling_heart:

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Just filled out your form. Can’t wait to read your story​:ok_hand::kissing_heart:

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Hey! Welcome to the forums! :heart:
I just filled out your form.
Excited for your story to come out!

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