LL Hair Color Wishlist

100% support the idea.

There should be more ombre colours since they’re so cool!

I love this!!

Love these!!! :heart_eyes:

Looking at this again and thought you could make them in to overlays and then people could use them in their storys.

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How did you create them??

Hey! Awesome ideas! Mind if I feature your topic, on this topic of mine?

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Thanks so much everyone! :blush:

@CStation, How do I do a request thread? (lol sorry I’m still kinda new )

@Pardeep, I used Photoshop to color them, but you can use any art software really. I got the idea when ppl were posting the base png files from in thread: [Limelight] New Long Hairstyles & this one: [Limelight] New Short Hairstyles

I just saved the ones I really liked from the editor and just colored them how I wanted :smiley:


Thank you…love ya n yes my name is Victoria

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Oh! It’s the same wihh creating a regular topic/thread, but you take requests from people there :grin:


Ohh! haha gotcha!

I have a cover art & splashes thread (it’s closed now) so once I catch up with the one’s I have to do there I’ll add another option for hair coloring! :smiley:


Ooh! Yasss I’ll totally request there :cat_typing:


Oh wow, that’s awesome! YES!

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I didn’t want to make a new thread for this, but since it’s about hair colors I hope it’s okay if I post here.

I’m looking for a hair color I’m using in a story. (I forgot to make a screenshot, but I’ll try to explain the color to you) I found this color in the CC of that story, and it is working so I assumed it was in the Portal. But I didn’t find it there, and I haven’t seen it in any other story with CC which I think is strange. The color I’m looking for is a very bright pink, similar to the Pop Pink in Ink. Now I wonder if it was removed (But if it was, why can I still see it in the story?). Can you tell me what happened to it?

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I think there are some hairstyles that don’t work with all the colors and many times you can’t find them. Per example the “Silhouette” hair color doesn’t work with all the hairstyles. :thinking:

However you can send a support ticket to the team, they will be able to help you.


It’s nowhere to be found for any hairstyle. This is the one I’m talking about:


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Omg BUMP!!!

Support and bump.

That is an ink hair color, Pop Pink, if you want to use it you should check out

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Also support.