LL Hairstyle, Color, & Lips: Label has never been used

#Also, if you’ve already used label dressing_game and goto dressing_game within your one episode, you’ll need to change the label of the second outfit choice as well as the goto so that it leads to a label it shares the same name with. Can read more here: HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤 (I still need to edit the OP haha, but labels are able to go inside of choices now)

label dressing_game_2

JESSICA (think_rubchin)
What should I wear to the party, tonight?

choice (OUTFIT_2)
“Party Outfit 1” {
@JESSICA changes into JESSICA_party outfit 1

@JESSICA is dustoff_neutral_loop

JESSICA (flirt_wink_atcamera)

} “Party Outfit 2” {
@JESSICA changes into JESSICA_party outfit 2

@JESSICA is dustoff_neutral_loop

JESSICA (admire_happy)
I look incredible!

} “Party Outfit 3” {
@JESSICA changes into JESSICA_party outfit 3

@JESSICA is dustoff_neutral_loop

JESSICA (react_claphands_happy)
This looks cute!


JESSICA (think_rubchin)
Should I wear this to the party, tonight?

“It’s perfect!” {

@JESSICA is flirt_wink_atcamera

} “No, I want to try on the others!” {
goto dressing_game_2

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