LL & INK outfit request thread!

hii, my name’s sapphire! i haven’t been in this community for a while but i have some free time for a few weeks since i’m currently on summer holidays so i’m opening this thread to make u guys outfits! :smiley_cat:

i prefer to do limelight female outfits but i’d also be happy to do other limelight and ink requests! you can request a maximum of 5 outfits just so i don’t get overwhelmed yk. i don’t ask for anything in return except patience while i create your request. also i don’t have any examples rn but if i get requests i’ll update the thread with them. : )

  1. be kind to me & any others on this thread,
  2. i’ll reply to you if i’ve accepted your request so pls be patient,
  3. fill out the form below fully per outfit request.

art style (LL/ink):
character’s gender & age range:
character details (optional):
character’s outfit style:
occasion?: (eg. wedding, exercise, casual)
no. of outfits:
necessary features: (eg. freckles, scars, piercings, tattoos)

i hope some of u request & like what i make! also i am available to be an outfit stylist for your story if you comment below or private message me abt it! :blob_hearts:

btw for anyone who doesn’t know what an outfit request is — i make outfits for your characters through your request specifications and then send the details to you for you to input it to your story.


art style (LL/ink): LL
character’s gender & age range: Male, 19 rn
character details (optional):
body: athletic
skin tone: neutral 04
brows: arched medium (black dark)
hair: medium side curls (black dark)
eyes: narrow almond deep sunken (blue-green)
face: square sculpted
nose: straight pointed
character’s outfit style: badass, mafia future leader (don’t mind the age please make it mature)
occasion: casual but formal cause mafia
no. of outfits: 5
necessary features:
scars --> scar eye left (04-07)
tattoo --> full-body tribal skull lace ink black

ty and take your time

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thank you for requesting! i’ll get ur request done asap : )

completed ur request! :yay:

ur outfits

i also dm’d them to u

omg thank you so much they’re amazing
Is there a credit account?

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glad to hear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

nope it’s fine there’s no need : )

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art style (LL/ink): LL
character’s gender & age range: 28-35
character details (optional):
Body: generic
Skin Color: neutral 5
Brow: arched medium
Brow Color: deep brown
Hair: generic short
Hair Color: chestnut brown
Eyes: deepest downturned
Eye Color: brown light
Face: square jaw
Nose: straight narrow
Lips: full lower lip sharp
Lip Color: pink peach medium matte
character’s outfit style: gardener
occasion?: (eg. wedding, exercise, casual): work, in the 1900s
no. of outfits: 1
necessary features: (eg. freckles, scars, piercings, tattoos): none

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thank u for requesting! i completed ur request and have dm-ed it to u! :yay:

Hey I have a request. but it’s kinda :sweat_smile: just hear me out.

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pm me abt it <3

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back to school so i won’t have as much time <3

@Nick @Sydney_H
can you close this thread pls?

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