LL kissing in hallway template help

I would like for my 2 characters to kiss before they leave the scene but none of the templates I try to use work well. Can someone help?

This is what I have so far:

sound group_chatting

@NICHOLAS enters from left to screen left

@RYAN enters from right to screen right

Good Morning Babe

Hey, look... Sorry I didn't text you this morning
Things have been hectic since the start of soccer and football

It's fine. I get it.
It's not like you didn't call or text all week....
Wait a minute... You didn't Nick
And you didn't return my calls or texts..

So I guess you're upset?

choice “No” {

Not really...
Just really disappointed

} “yes” {

Of course I am!!
You've been 'not texting or calling' since Dylan's party 2 weeks go!!
And now you're using sports as an excuse not to pick up your phone!! How stupid do you think I am?!??!


I'm sorry

Yeah I know...
You've been sorry all summer Nick

Let me make it up to you
I can take you to the movies or we can have dinner somewhere....


Where do you want to go?

choice “movies” {

You can take me to the movies
I've been wanting to see that new Halloween movie

} “dinner” {

You can take me to The Drunken Noodle...
I've been wanting some drunken chicken.


I'll pick you up at 6:00pm

@NICHOLAS exits right

(Can't believe I fell for this again)

@RYAN exits right
sound schoolbell

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Your characters are too far from each other if they’re on the left and right side of the screen. Odds are, their actual positions are something like

@NICHOLAS spot 1.28 60 0
@RYAN spot 1.28 240 0
(or something, I’m not sure what number the screen positions are at)

The 1.28 is how big your character is which also affects where they stand from left-right and up-down the screen. So I’m assuming you want your characters to stay this size.

So you want them to walk towards each other, either one of them, or the both of em, and it’ll look like:

@CHAR walks to spot S X Y

The S and Y numbers should be 1.28 and 0, respectively, but the X is what needs to change.

and the character you want walking should be set to walk in front of the other character. Then, the characters have to be facing the same way, and it’ll depend on whose back you want facing you, and that’ll determine where their layer should be.

So if you want Ryan with HIS back facing YOU/the reader, he should be at layer 1 and Nicholas will be at layer 0. This can be instant just by going:

@RYAN moves to layer 1
@NICHOLAS moves to layer 0


&RYAN moves to layer 1
&NICHOLAS moves to layer 0

So once, they’re on the correct layer, they need to face the correct way. When someone is in any REAR animation, they turn their backs at 180 degrees, so it looks like they’re facing the complete wrong way, LOL.

So, still with Ryan with his back to the camera, he’ll need to face right, just like Nicholas should be already facing right.

So you can go:

&RYAN faces right
&RYAN starts whatever_kiss_animation_you_want_rear
&NICHOLAS starts whatever_kiss_animation_you_want


@RYAN faces right
@RYAN starts whatever_kiss_animation_you_want_rear
@NICHOLAS starts whatever_kiss_animation_you_want

So you put all of that together, it’ll be something like this:

(These values are both of the characters will walk to the center of the screen)

@RYAN moves to layer 1
@NICHOLAS moves to layer 0
@RYAN walks to spot 1.28 184 0
@NICHOLAS walks to spot 1.28 117 0
@RYAN faces right
@RYAN starts kiss_playful_rear
@NICHOLAS starts kiss_playful

That isn’t how I would do it, but I know most people like the @ symbols. I’d do it all at once, so it’d look like this:

&RYAN moves to layer 1
&NICHOLAS moves to layer 0
&RYAN walks to spot 1.28 184 0 in 1 THEN RYAN faces right AND RYAN starts kiss_playful_rear
&NICHOLAS walks to spot 1.28 117 0 in 1 THEN NICHOLAS starts kiss_playful
@pause for a beat

I added the “in 1” so they’d show up at the same time and start the animation at the same time. You can adjust that, to whatever you like, as well as the pause. If you do it that way, you need to do the @pause command or the scene will end without showing the animation.

It’s whatever is easier, whatever feels most comfortable for you as a writer, but you should play around with this a lot in the previewer, using the buttons for spot helper and zoom helper and whatnot.

The reason why is because it enhances your creativity and it could also change how readers read the story. Good luck, (let me know if this works for you)

it didnt work for me

I didn’t know you’d replied, lol. Reply to my post or mention me so I don’t miss you next time.

What’d you change? What’s it look like now?

You can PM me if you want.

Hi @NelidaU. I’m new here, and i was wondering if you could me too? i am having the same problem as her is having. about kissing.

You can PM me if you want. What’s the script look like?