LL)Main Places Going (School Of Elements)



Taking Requests Of Charcters You Have to say What mythical creature your oc is and what element it is
Elements: Air/ Netral/ fire / water / earth / light / dark
You Can Have More Then One Place
More coming:
The Imortal Queen @ChayChay
immortal princess @NattyGomez
Mermaid Queen @Shanzella
The kid that starts fights
Gangsters(boys 3 left)
Gangsters (2 girls left leader is reader)
Blogger kids (2 BOY AND GIRL)
Dragon Trainer @Turtle_Cat
Dragon Taimer
Dragon Feeder
Dragon Rider @justinesolano
Teacher / Nature Teacher
Teacher / Spell
Teacher / Powers
Palm Reader / Student
Bully 1 Bully 2 Bully 3
Spirit Guider / student
Cat Krew ( 5 Oc Only)
More Coming…
People who I think might be interested! @Faith.S @Ayu @Turtle_Cat @Epy.raven@Chay @NattyGomez @MadisonW @Epy.raven @justinesolano


Can I be the dragon trainer? Let me get my information if you don’t have it.


This one Is Limelight And you can be tragon trainer btw the one under that is dragon TAIMER


Oh, sorry. I just woke up and I have sleepy eyes. :sweat_smile:


Here’s my information. Trainer or Taimer, I really don’t care.


Can i be a dragon rider? And my element is fire x


@Turtle_Cat what eleiment and mythical creature is she


yep and btw what mythical creature are you


Are there vampires? If not a vampire I wanna be a fairy xx


any mythical creature so u can be a vamp


btw can I have your details of your charcter @justinesolano


Greaaaat! Do I have to provide character details x


Ok gimme a min sorry x


we said it at the same time lol


Limelight right?


yep if I say Ll it means limelight


Water. And a dragon.


Oops sorry I didn’t see I’ll get the deets now xx


okay :stuck_out_tongue:


its fine