Ll male mc and male li

More recommondation for male mc and male li(promote here)or choose gender of both mc and li


I think you already read my story. :woman_facepalming: :laughing: Episode 13 until 15 are published few weeks ago.

I just love read more episode stories, it is just boring to wait a new episode😣

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Aww, thank you!! :heartbeat: There need to be more stories with Male MC and Male LI in LL!! :point_right: Did you read:

  • ‘New Kid, New Life’ from (my bestie) Bubbletea - @epi_bubbleteastories_author (Male MC and 2 Male LI’s)
  • ‘Meet Me Outside’ from Tal Zen - @talzen.writes (Male MC and 2 Male LI’s)
  • ‘His Secret’ from Nadi - @nadi_stories (Male MC and choice between gender for LI)
  • ‘Thinking out loud’ from SA - @sa_epi (Choice gender MC and choice gender LI)
  • ‘Mr. Robinson’ from Roberto Loco - @robertolocowrites (INK, Male MC and Male LI)
  • ‘The Story’ also from Roberto Loco - @robertolocowrites (LL, Male MC and Male LI)
  • ‘Suffocation’ from Sola - @sola.writes (INK, Male MC and Male LI)

You read al of those, too?? :wink:

Love A-W

Sure :smirk:, what else you have​:sunglasses:

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My story has a male MC and on of the LI is a male!

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Male MCstories:

  • Alana Frazer - A Prince’s Curse
  • Lorenbeth has several where you can choose the MC such as When Two Worlds Collide and Wired This Way
  • adventure awaits by Latin salad
  • soulless by tldax

I’m sure there’s more…
But here’s mine.

Title: Blended
Author: Matilda
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 6 (more coming)

Description: Althea and Maximo have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids. But when one of them can no longer deny their sexuality, will the family fall apart? Choice of MC, LCC, LGBTQ LI full CC. Choices matter.
Adulting Shelf Aug. 2020

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Queer: Blended

Amazing one i like but still i need more more mooooooore😤 but remember both mc & li are male


Sorry, I removed the none male:male ones. Here are more Male:male

-the boogeynan by jiangshi
-queer:misleading by kylie
-be mind-feel by empressvanessa

I’m writing a new one, but it will be a few months.

Through The Worlds by Ksenia you can choose your gender and there are 3 love insterest (one of them you can choose gender)

Title Ft: Not your perfect princess

Description: How does your life changes from that perfect fairy tale to the most frantic nightmare. Get ready for drama, suspense a slow-burn romance with 2 sexy beings. (NO GEMS) (CHOOSEGENDER)