LL Or Classic - Which us more disireable?

I can’t decide which one to put my new story in! What style is better?


Can’t speak for everyone, but personally 100% limelight!


I prefer limelight, also there are more animations and outfit updates


Same for me. A lot of classic stories used to be good, but personally I like how Limelight looks much better. Plus, there’s a lot more options for facial expression, different ways to make characters look, more clothes, more animations. I’d say even logically LL is better. Plus even with all those things LL gets updates every tuesday I think, I could be wrong about that one though


Yes, you’re right!! :smiling_face:


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Definitely Limelight! I personally never read Classic stories.

I support others, limelight looks better and obviously more realistic and it has more diversity (in aspect of body types), classic characters look kinda unhealthy imo :grimacing:

LL, Classic creeps me out.

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