LL or Episode Ink?

So I’m about to write a story that I’ve been wanting to write for a while now. I’ve noticed that a lot of stories are in LL now, but I don’t like the style at all.

I’m worried that if I make my story using Ink, people would be less likely to read it because a lot of people like LL. LL also has more options which I think would help bring my story to life.

But, Ink has always been my favorite and I personally don’t like the way the characters look in LL.

Would people be more likely to read a LL story or an Ink story? What does everyone think?


If you like to write in INK, write in INK. I personally love both styles. So, I don’t mind reading your story if it’s in INK. You’re the boss of your story. Of course there are always (some) haters, but the readers who definitely are positive about your story can make your day. As an author I know how hard writing can be. I had to get used to LL, when I came to Episode for the first time (2018/2019). I grew fond of it after reading many INK-stories and a few LL-stories. What I try to say is, there are enough readers who still like to read INK. So, why writing in LL, if you don’t like it?

Good luck with your story, hun. And let me know when you publish. :wink:

Happy writing, reading and stay safe,

Love A-W


Well it’s true that the LL style is more popular on Episode since quite some years now lol. I personally always loved INK styled stories so I would love to read one today, since we barely see any INK stories anymore.
Hope this helped, good luck! :blob_hearts:


Personally I love INK . I can deal with LL but if I had to chose I would chose INK in a heart beat I love the vibe of INK and all the different features of INK .

Well, I would defo prefer ink but It’s totally up to u.
It’s true that if u write a story in Limelight, it is likely to get more reads since it gets many updates. But if u like ink and and envision ur story to be in ink then go with it. There r many ink readers and also readers who mind abt the story instead of the style.

You should write in whatever style u prefer, if u want to write in INK do INK.

I know the episode community on Instagram are mostly filled with INK users and even the art community on episode prefer INK. There are plenty of people that prefer INK over LL. Or others that love to write both, I’ve even seen some authors on Instagram and here on the forums that are still writing in classic style.

I don’t think it matters, personally I read both INK and LL. I know plenty of people who also are releasing stories still in ink, even I draw in ink style and will write in the future with both ink and LL.

Goodluck with your story!

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Don’t let readership change your creative vision. I’ll read any style even classic. I love ink btw


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