LL or INK? Please help me. :D

Okay so…
I started my story in INK, then I thought LL would be better, then I thought maybe INK would be better…
Well and now I have no idea what would be better. :confused:
Which style do you prefer and why? :slight_smile:

I personally perfer limelight they look much better in my opinion

Thats the same way I am thinking too. :confused:
I really like INK cause of the animations and all the outfits.
But LL outfits look so much better, but there arent so many.
And I dont like the lack of options for the characters.
BUUUUUT - I like both, meh. lol

Make both?

I thought about it too, but I would like to publish my story before we have 2020 lol

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:joy::joy: you can right one version and have someone help convert it to the other for you :sweat_smile:

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@Sydney_H please close this, I have the answer I needed. :slight_smile:

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: