LL Outfit Contest (deadline Dec 7)

Okay. So I need styling for one of my female characters, but I’m feelin lazy, sorta. So here’s the contest.
I need 3 outfits from you, that gives this vibe:
moderately hot, sophisticated, and maybe a bit dangerous?
I will pick one winner, that will fit the most.
For those who needs character details: Hair color - Black Dark, Skin Color - Neutral 00, Eye color - Pale Brown

What will you get?

I will mention your contribute in my story
You can request 1 cover from me

Cover examples

Deadline: December 7th
Good luck!


Are these for male or females? And does it matter what the characters look like?

Female, and yes :slight_smile: Doesn’t matter

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Thank you!
I’d love to enter!:grin:

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Awesome :slight_smile: Can’t wait.

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Do we make our own LL outline with 3 outfits + coloured in?

No. Just screenshots of outfit options. :slight_smile:

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Awww you’ve found a weakness of mine… OUTFIT CREATIONS! :smiley: hehehe I love messing about with options!
May I enter please :smiley:


:smile: I know, me too!
I think you should just post your outfit creations first :wink::grinning:

(If I’m wrong you can reprimand me) :sweat:

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please enter :sweat: :joy:
I spend too much time creating outfits. I literally spend 2.5 hours today, to get outfits for 6 characters. Just kill me

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@fcukforcookies I do have a question though- is it 3 casual wear outfits or for special occasions or it doesn’t matter?

um… I would say it is casual, but it might have a hint of special occasion. and as I said in the thread moderately hot, sophisticated, and maybe a bit dangerous? It is for new character, for whom I can’t create outfit… I donnow why I’m stuck. I would’ve told what kind of character, but spoilers lol, I know that you read my story :smiley:

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Well I’m always happy to help with them :smiley: LL has so many clothes! :smiley:
Awwww @CinnamonToast is there possibly an alterior motive for seeing my fashion creations first?! :wink: :joy:


How did you know? :thinking::hushed:


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So sorry this was late, I was procrastinating on the ay and watching cooking shows! So here are my 3 entries:

Good luck to all! :smile:


Thanks Toasty :slight_smile: These look great!

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Thank you! And I can’t wait to see @Cheyara_Skadi’s! :heart_eyes:


My entries heh hope you like them

I’m bad at creating outfits btw so here yaa goo watch out for your eyes…

Huhhh terrible right? yeah I’m supposed to study, but yohh :blush:


lol, they are great :smiley: And go study now :joy: