LL Outfit ideas

It would be pretty cool if episode had cardigans and royal princess and prince outfits. Thoughts?

And I also need help making outfits.

So your post doesn’t get closed by mods. I would make a post in feature, art suggestions for the first thing you wrote then, go to art resources and post the second sentence. You will also get more views and replies.

@Belle3, If you’re looking to request clothing from the development team, there’s already requests for CLOTHING: Limelight Princess dresses and CLOTHING: Loose Knits & Cardigans. Can’t find any threads for princely clothing, however, so you can make one if you want in Feature + Art Suggestions. Just make sure it follows the Feature Request Guidelines. :smiley:

Also, requests for clothing help go in Art Resources.

Closing this since it doesn’t fit in Episode Fan Community. PM me if there are any questions. :wink: