LL people needed for new story:)

Hey guys! Who’s ready to get back to school/ stay in school? This question is relevant since I’m looking for some LL characters to go back to school(or stay…in school.)I’m sorry for my bad jokes. in my new story. It would be awesome if y’all had some characters that want to appear in my story!

  • Character Details

  • Position/personality of your position (if teacher, pick one of the three please.)

  • Outfit/style your character has

  • How you would like to be credited

There are certain positions in school I am looking for so lemme know which one you want :slight_smile:

Thank you for lending me your amazing characters! Hope my MCs see them soon ;). Have a great day!


can they be the popular kids lmao

here’s a jock

instagram: @episode.mistletoe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Of course! Thank u!

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Hey I can be a popular kid or bookworm my style is pretty badass and trendy. Even though my style is badass I’m a nice person and love to help others just use my username for credit

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Here’s my character

thank you! would bookworm be fine?

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Tell me if you need more info

And yes sure

Can I be a school jock


She is Mexican / American, she is sweet but don’t mess with her because she has a bad temper. She is very overprotective with her family, she is straight, she is fun and she cares about people.

you can credit me on IG as @episode.mt.writes

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Here’s my character

Well that’s if you haven’t put me already.


Shy, friendly, innocent, forgiving,has severe social anxiety.
You choose the role :blush:


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Quite,sad,hates people, doesn’t trust easily
Outfit style: sweet, nerdy and innocent looking
Clothing style: Depressing
You choose the role :blush:

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Hey! My character and preferred position are below, as well as extra info xx

Character (Tanya)

I would love for her to be one of the popular kids! However, if that is full, you can choose! My character can be a bit snobby and air-headed sometimes, always with a new bf, but honestly she has a good heart. She can be a bit judgmental and impulsive, but is still sweet. I know that sounds cringy, cringy, cringe :laughing: Her style? Um, girly, designer, IDK! :joy: :rofl:
Hmm… credit! If you really want to give me credit, you can just tag me by @emmastarz lol. That’s perfectly fine, but I don’t want to pressure you, so if you’d rather not credit, then that’s A-OK! Honestly I’ll be happy if you just consider this!

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here is my character

csan I be a football player

I would love to be a football player ik I am girl but I love football and would be honored to be one in your stroy

she is a tomboy so anything tomboy like haha I don’t care what ya do mate do what you wanta do with my outfits

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you wanna be a teacher?

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ew no

ill put you down for kid at cafeteria

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whos imporant
can i be a jock wit a crown