LL small&large cover

Hello, I’m writing up a new story called His Girl.

It’s a romance/drama.

(Just a brief description); You’re a young woman stuck in a relationship with your so-called boyfriend who doesn’t seem to appreciate you, one night you head to a rave club with your friends, only to come face to face with a hot DJ. He’s got that mysterious attitude that keeps you wanting more.

(It sounds shit but it’s a lot better in my head :joy: )

I just wondering if anyone could create me a small & large over (if possible)

I’m really crap at describing things so…here goes…
I would like if there was a little rave club in the background, turntable, and behind the turntable I’d like the 2 MC’s. The female MC would be sitting on the one side of the turntable, the male MC would be standing between her legs, lifting them up so they’re around his waist, his hand higher up her thigh, her hand runnin’ through his hair, and I would like if they were just a few inches away from kissing.

If that makes no sense at all then feel free to message me.

I’m after someone whose had a lot of experience with editing as I know what I’m looking for might be hard for some editors, so please only accept this challenge if you know you can do it.

Also, please don’t take this the wrong way, before I accept your request I’d like to see some examples of edits you’ve done :sparkling_heart:


what about this one ? (not mine!)

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I do actually like your style, but I don’t wanna put any pressure on you incase you can’t do it I don’t want you being stressed :heart:

Sound like you want this drawn, and edited
Which just happened to be what I do
I have cover request thread for those types of things.
Pm me of you don’t want your cover exposed, if you want to put in requests leave the explanation on the thread, examples are found up there

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I can make you a cover. I’m not on my computer so I can’t show edit examples.

Hello there so I can make u a cover if u don’t mind.
Here’s my thread, hope u request.(examples on there)

Hey, im currently accepting requests, here are some examples of my work