LL Supporting characters contest ✨


I am in need of some supporting/side characters for my upcoming story :relaxed:

See pics for details :arrow_down:


More information/updates on my IG @Ruby.G.Writes

Contest ends Feb. 14


For this I accidentally put the eyes as Deepset Upturned Wide

The correct eyes =

Deepset Downturned Wide (Deep Blue)

(I’m really sorry if this will be an issue to change) (:

Nope I can edit it on the spreadsheet :relaxed:

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Thank u (:

Frick I just realized I forgot to follow you after I completed the form :disappointed_relieved:
I’m following you now so I hope I’m still in the contest :joy:

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No big deal! I’ve got ya on there :slight_smile:

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Thanks :pray: :heartpulse:

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