LL version of shush

So everyone knows the end of the INK ‘shush’ animation leaves the character with a frazed look on their face, does anyone know any LL animations that leave this look?

(shush_neutral_pose) or just (shush_neutral)

aha yeah I know these do the shush animation, but they don’t end with the weird face the INK one would

wdym weird face?

there were two animations lots of people used in ink stories where they’d soly use it for the face it left behind, I can’t remeber the other one, but shush would leave them with a confused face

hold up let me get you some examples

INK 'shush' animation:

INK 'flirt_fingersnap' animation

One of the many things I miss about ink was a majority of the animations, I wish they just could’ve duplicated them for Limelight.

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The only one that comes to mind right now is sing_fail_embarrassed

just had a look n I’ll defo be using it aha

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i like most of the LL animations but i do miss the INK ones, I’m defo hunting through all the animations to make a list of ones with good endings like the INK ones lol!

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