Lmao I'm lonely i need friends



If anyone wants to make friends with me, I would appreciate it a lot!! I hate how hard it is to make friends since I haven’t had Instagram in 2 years :(( and luckly, Episode Forum will help me make friends again :)) I also need story recommendations to read because I can’t find any good stories right now. Lastly, it would mean the world if I got feedback on my first story that I published last year. Thanks for reading this <3
IG: www.instagram.com/rxyalwxves/
Episode User: Terra


Lol i’m lonely af :sob::joy:


same :sob::sob: wanna be friends??


Yes very much :joy:


lmaoo thanksss :rofl:


Lmao no problemo :joy::hugs:


I added you on IG. That’s a start :joy:


I added you back 1st step completed :joy:


Our first milestone lmaoo!!:rofl:


Oml what’s next? :joy:


Talking to each other on Instagram or make a group chat :skull:


If you wanna make friends you can join this family…we love new members…


I need to make some friends too


You are welcome to join the group


Oh really? sure i’d like to.


Just click that link and say you would like to join


what link? I mean where is it? this is my first time here.


Where it says interviews for Epsiode bomb


oh okay.


Do you see it