Lmao I'm lonely i need friends

If anyone wants to make friends with me, I would appreciate it a lot!! I hate how hard it is to make friends since I haven’t had Instagram in 2 years :(( and luckly, Episode Forum will help me make friends again :)) I also need story recommendations to read because I can’t find any good stories right now. Lastly, it would mean the world if I got feedback on my first story that I published last year. Thanks for reading this <3
IG: www.instagram.com/rxyalwxves/
Episode User: Terra

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Lol i’m lonely af :sob::joy:

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same :sob::sob: wanna be friends??

Yes very much :joy:

lmaoo thanksss :rofl:

Lmao no problemo :joy::hugs:

I added you on IG. That’s a start :joy:

I added you back 1st step completed :joy:

Our first milestone lmaoo!!:rofl:

Oml what’s next? :joy:

Talking to each other on Instagram or make a group chat :skull:

If you wanna make friends you can join this family…we love new members…

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I need to make some friends too

You are welcome to join the group

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Oh really? sure i’d like to.

Just click that link and say you would like to join

what link? I mean where is it? this is my first time here.

Where it says interviews for Epsiode bomb

oh okay.

Do you see it

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