Load of Splashes Needed! *click me*

Hello, it’s Days and I am the author of a story called Crossed Paths, This is a romance/comedy story looking at the journey of Mindy and Derek’s relationship which starts as a friendship then becomes a relationship. It is a bumpy ride and this story focuses on not only Mindy but other characters in the story.

I have been extremely humbled by the praise and the lovely readers I have gained from this story as a way of celebrating I have decided to have an art contest (if this flops it will just become a painfully massive post about what I want to request :joy:) UPDATE: IT FLOPPED :rofl::joy:


So as the title warns you this is a MEGAPOST/MEGA REQUEST (if all else fails)!

For some of you who have read my story, you’ll know I have a bunch of art in my story as I love to showcase the talent on the Forums. So, I’ve decided change up my splashes every four episodes but I have to wait for the splashes to be approved :sweat_smile: but the winners most definitely will feature in the story!

So here are the things I need:


One splash

  • “Credits”/Art Scene

What I need is a nice backdrop for when I have my credits written down! So, this is where I want to see creativity shine through!

These can feature the characters of the story with outfits of your own choice against any backdrop you like! (I will give background on characters soon and details too!)


The following splashes are needed:

  • Advanced directing splash

Text: This story contains advanced zooming and directing, please tap carefully.

  • Warning splash

Text: Warning! This story contains strong language and mature themes!

  • Credit splash

Same criteria - a nice edit of some of the characters together would not go amiss!


The following splashes are needed:

  • TBC splash

Text: To be continued…

Criteria: Mindy and Derek are in a romantic/sweet pose - they are embracing, holding hands, etc.

  • WARNING splash

Text: Warning! This story contains mature themes and strong language!

Criteria: Go crazy but they should contain the characters from the story!

  • Crossed Paths splash

Text: Crossed Paths

Criteria: This splash must have Mindy and Derek together!

  • Welcome to Crossed Paths

Text: Welcome to Crossed Paths

Criteria: Must include some of the characters

  • TY Splash

Text: Thanks for reading!

Criteria: Thanks for reading!

  • Credits splash

Criteria: A nice background - if ladybugs or roses could be incorporated into the splash and with some of the characters there - that would be awesome!

  • End of the Episode!

Criteria: Go wild! Must include characters though!


That is a good question. Well, I am requesting a bucketload of stuff now because I know there is quite the wait for backgrounds to be approved so this is me trying to be a little smartass to try and save waiting time to make sure I can publish my new episodes much sooner!


Here are the characters and their relationships with one another!


  • He is the main love interest of the MC (Mindy).
  • He is sweet, a bit dorky and knows when to stand his ground.
  • Derek gets along with MINDY very well (DUH! THEY ARE EACH OTHERS BAES!)
  • He has a slightly hostile relationship with JOANNE (they easily get into petty arguments.)
  • MIARA thinks DEREK is a snaccc which scares DEREK a lot.

Here are his character details:

Outfit choice: Up to you!


  • Ah good ol’ Mindy - she is the MC!
  • I’d say she is the sanest character of the story by a mile.
  • She has a good relationship with Derek (romantic)
  • She is very close friends with MIARA and JOANNE!


  • Miara is good friends with Joanne but is much closer with MINDY.
  • She frightens the crap out of Derek as she is thirsty af
  • Miara loves food and herself in equal amounts.

Character details:

Skin: Toffee
Brows: Smooth Arch
Hair: Long Curly Hair - Black
Eyes: Upturned Bold - Hickory
Face: Defined Heart
Nose: Aquiline
Mouth: Full Round - Cherry Red


  • Extremely close friends with MINDY and is good friends with MIARA - Joanne is a bit crazy and is a very loving friend.
  • She does not get along with DEREK.

Character details:

Hair: Classic Bob (Fawn)
Face: Round
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Blue)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Blossom Lips (Orange Crush)
Body: Ink Female (Taupe)

  • Tell me what splashes you are planning on doing! Don’t do more than two - I want a variety of artists doing these splashes!



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hey request this to episode royalty maybe they accept

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Hehe I am trying to hunt down some people willing to do some art as I am doing some requests are in advance to reduce waiting times.

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I can take an easy splash lol
can u tell me the deet’s u want in it?

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Just that JOANNE and MIARA are in a warning splash!

Their details are on the original post and if JOANNE could be in eating a muffin and MIARA is eating a pizza. Can you choose the outfits please :smiley:

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And the background? anything in mind?

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Or theme?

Would just like a cute little background

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