Loading Screen Edit

Can somebody make a loading screen edit for my characters ?

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Wdym kinda confused

Like this

So what do you want to be on there characters or what because your going have text overlay

Umm have you decided

I was wondering if anybody have like an updated one

I can make you one with your characters in it just have to wait tomorrow because it 1:19am in flordia

I don’t want my character in it no more I just want the background

Ok what do you want to do then make it into png or add some words in it

Actually instead of the background … can you make some text overlays of the warnings and stuff

Sure thing like warning this use strong language ?

I want the font to be like italic or something like that

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And I use sounds stuff like that

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K give me like 5 minutes


I know it bad :joy:

No I was saying only the words. I want the words only so I can use them as an overlay