Lock Down {Experiment #3}

Lock Down


Plot: Just as you are heading to the bathroom, there is an alarm and the school goes into an emergence lock down. Now you and your worst enemy have to find a way out while there is a killer lose in the school.

Setting: High School

POV: Third (Between all three of the characters)


Celia Jenkins
Chase Evans
Killer = Unknown identity

“Hey I didn’t kill anyone today!” Magi insisted.
“And do you want a gold star?” Celia asked her friend as the two waiting for their drama teacher to give them the next part of the script. They had finished memorising the first three acts now they had to get to the next two and they would have the whole thing on it’s way. “And so what. You don’t have to sit through three classes with him.”
“No, but we have English together. As you can see Hamlet says this this this this, and he’d go, ‘Actually miss, scholars say that he meant blah blah blahhh’” Magi said pretending to vomit at the very end and Celia laughed.
“Well Chase doesn’t like to be told he is wrong.” She shrugged.
“Yes, but does he have to act like such a know it all. Can’t he be one of those dumb jocks. Then I can feel better about myself.” She pouted.
“Hey, look at it this way, I am just as good as he is. I can go head to head with him.”
“And luckily you can. I mean did you see today in–” Just as she was about to speak some of guys who had been playing with the fake swords crashed into Celia, pushing her into the still wet backdrop, getting the lovely blue sky all over her clothes.
“You have got to be kidding me.” Celia hissed, but Magi was already yelling at the guys, even hitting Henry Mayer over the head with the stick swords.
Asking the teacher to leave to clean up she walked out of the room, and into the bathroom. The paint was all over her shirt and she had to take it off to wash it in the sink. Luckily she managed to get most of it off but it still tinted blue. As she squeezed the water from it, she remembered that old gym shirt in her locker and started leaving the bathroom, shirt in hand when all she hear was, “Today is my lucky day. How you doing Jenkins.”
Turning around she put the shirt to her chest, “Chase what the hell. Close your eyes you pig.” She slapped him and he did as he was told looking up at the ceiling. “You know, black bra was a terrible idea right?”
She scowled, putting the shirt back on and ordered, “Will you shut up. What are you even doing here?”
“I was going to this really cool carnival ride in the boys bathroom.” He smirked, and she growled, already wanting to pull his eyes out.
Once her shirt was back on she pushed past him, step on his feet and head to her locker, but of course he followed her, “What do you want.”
“Just wanted to get a picture. Turn around and smile for the yearbook firecracker.”
“Stop calling me that.” She hissed, opening her locker.
“Oh come on just a little --”
“This school is going into lock down. This is not a drill, we are now in lock down.” A woman over the announcements sounded and Celia froze up.
“Yeah right. Like this is serious–” And before Chase could finish gunshots rang, “Or it is…”
“Come on.” As much as she hated him, Celia couldn’t just leave him there. She grabbed his arms and pulled him into the janitors closet hiding among the items, her chest to his.

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Celia was not too frightened to be unaware of just how close they were in the small closet. And she hated it. No doubt any second now that annoying boy would make some dirty joke out of their situation, no matter how much danger they were in. She was not disappointed.
“I didn’t know you wanted me this badly,” Chase purred in the dark. “It’s almost like you don’t hate me.” Celia rolled her eyes, though she knew he couldn’t see her.
“When this is all over, We will never speak of this again, Evans,” she growled. In response, he ruffled her hair. She could sense the smirk that was most likely blooming on his face.

The killer glanced coldly down at the body of the person he had just murdered. He had no sympathy towards them, just like how they had had no sympathy towards him. It was time for this school to pay for all the misery it had brought him. He started to prowl through the halls, passing rooms full of terrified high schoolers. He had only one more target in mind. Anyone who got in his way would just be an unfortunate casualty.


Ceclia felt it getting really hot, and not because of chase. The janitors closet was small, and crowded, the body heat was overflowing the entire closet. Ceclia was scared for her life, though Chase felt in anyway to tease her.

Ceclia covers her mouth, and closes her eyes shut, even if she wants to cry.

The killer grabs a gun out of his pocket, there breathing going rapid. He smirks as he walks past the janitors closet slowly, his footsteps showing a shadow in the janitors closet. Ceclia’s eyes widen as she slowly opens her eyes, and feels tears forming.

The killer’s eyes glance around as he sees someone aiming something at him. He quickly shoots them fast, the body drops as he walks quickly over the body. Chase felt his body shiver as he hears the body drop, and the shots, screams crowding the school hallways.

Chase starts to get very dizzy.


Celia’s hands dropped from her mouth as the gunshot rang out, and she gasped aloud. She quickly thrust her hands back up, but the damage was done. The footsteps outside in the hallway stopped. In the moment of stillness, Celia could feel something shaking. Chase. He was shivering uncontrollably, and then he started to sway on his feet, ever so slightly. “No no no no no no no!” Celia whispered in an inaudible voice. Chase was going to pass out. She grabbed him, trying to hold him upright. The killers footsteps had still not resumed.
Chase saw the dark spots at the edges of his vision, and he knew he was going to faint. Who knew I was such a wimp? He thought. He felt Celia’s hands as she tried to hold him upright, but the murder he had just heard was too much for him. The overpowering darkness took him, and he fell.
The killer heard the great clatter come from the closet. There was somebody in there! He debated about opening the door or not. He probably didn’t have anything against the people in there, but there was a chance it could be his target, hiding. Even if it wasn’t, he could use anyone in there as a hostage, to get what he wanted out of his target before killing them. He stalked over to the closet, and yanked it open. He hadn’t known what he expected it to be, but two people making out was certainly not it.


The killers gun drops, they saw 2 teenagers kissing in a janitor’s closet. As soon as the two teens saw the door opened and a killer standing in front of it, gun in front of the killer, they screamed.

“Shut up.” The killer yells, shutting the door quietly, grabbing them both, putting a hand around there mouths, making sure they wouldn’t get out.

“If they find me with 2 teens and blood in the hallway, screaming there heads off…”

“You’ll be gone anyways.” Celia thought to herself, she shakes in horror, as she widened her eyes, she’s right next to a murderer, Chase opens his eyes, noticing he was just kissing Celia. He then looks next to him, he almost had a heart attack.

“What?” The killer spoke, and locks the door as quick as he could.

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A kiss? Not really. The force of being squished together causing their lips to touch. That’s more like it. Chase pulled away from her once he finally could, looking to the killer who grabbed onto Celia forcing her out of the closet, “Okay not how about we calm down.” chase said hands raised at the killer turned to the him, “Wait… Michael? Is that… You?” He asked recognizing the shooter instantly.
“Afternoon chase.” He smirked but before he can shot Celia’s knee contacted with his stomach and she quickly elbowed him in the back as he hunched over.
“Will you hurry this up.” She hissed at Chase grabbing him again and running as fast as she could, down the hall and pulled them up to the second floor bathroom. Locking the door behind her. “Really? Kissing me? You seriously thought that would work?”
“The shelf was falling on me and I couldn’t move alright. It doesn’t count.”
“Gladly.” She rolled her eyes falling onto the floor far away from the door. “What are we gonna do.”
“Stay here and wait for the police.”
“Oh really? What about that other guy who shot.”
“That wasn’t a police officer. That was probably the principal I know he keeps a gun in his desk for emergencies.”
“I don’t wanna know.” She sighed trying to hold herself together. “Okay kiss never happened. Delete it.”
“The stop calling it that!”
“Okay fine. The stupid shelf didn’t happen. Alright. That’s moving way to fast anyway and didn’t make any sense.” She shook her head sighing.
“Do you have water?” He asked.
“Yes drink from the toilet bowl.” She instructed and he sighed. They sat in silence for what felt like ages until chase stepped closer to her taking off his jacket and placing it over her shounder, “Here. Since you’re still wet.”

@Coolepisodes if you can’t think of anything don’t write anything. Let someone else have a go. And it’s one killer. I would suggest reading through some thing before writing child :wink: also he’s a killer… He has already killed a bunch of teens in the hall way… He’s been found out that’s what the lock down if for.


Michael stood back up and narrowed his eyes, glaring at Chase and Celia as they disappeared behind the door. The sound of their footsteps fainted into the darkness of the hallway. He walked outside and started searching for them. Where could these two go? Another bathroom, maybe? He shook his head slightly and started heading down the hall. The light bulbs were flickering, pieces of glass lying on the floor, the results of his shooting. The shadow on his face made him look almost unreal, as if he was a ghost.

The door of the second floor bathroom was now locked and he wondered why. Michael could hear the small whispering came from the other side and the corner of his lips slowly rose up. They were talking about kissing, even in a situation like this. And that would make killing them so much easier. He was a bit surprised when Chase could recognize him that easily. It wasn’t like they had encountered many times before, as he would avoid Chase and his problematic group of friends and admirers. They weren’t fond of him anyway. After what they had found out… Forget about that, he thought to himself as he took a few step back and aimed his gun at the white rusty door. And he pulled the trigger with no hesitation.

Celia thanked him and Chase left out a weak smile. It was rare to see her not so tense up being next to him, which was weird especially in a situation like this. As he was about to relax himself, Chase heard the sound of glass being stepped on right outside the door. Celia was about to say something but Chase quickly interrupted her by making a X sign with his fingers. Celia looked like she was trying to suppress the lump in her throat. She nervously focused on the door as the sound seemed to stop. Chase suddenly had this very bad feeling in his guts and before he could even move or warn Celia, a bullet flew straight through the door and across their faces, creating some unpleasant sizzling sound as it hit the wet floor. Their face both went pale when they realized how close to death they were just a few seconds ago. A drop of sweat rolled down Chase’s forehead, he felt like Michael was watching them through the hole on the door, smiling and was ready for another shot. Celia’s hands were visibly shaking and she tried to hold her breath.

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